Would You Spend ₹1,000 For Bottled Air?

Would You Spend ₹1,000 For Bottled Air?

The country’s pollution rates have gotten to such a high level that many companies like Auzair, Vitality Air and Indian brand Pure Himalayan Air have actually come up with bottled fresh air.

Pure Himalayan Air is selling a can of 10 Litres fresh air for Rs 550.

The idea originally came from Vitality Air, a Canadian company that started selling bottled air.

Then came Australia-based brand Auzair who are also selling their products in India. Their bottle of 7.5 litres of fresh air costs Rs 1500.

In 2016, the Gas Authority of India Limited (GAIL) supported a battle which was spurred by an acclaimed YouTube video on a social trial which presented air packed in bottles. The possibility of that happening felt so far-fetched that many of us took it as a joke. But, it seems like this joke has indeed become the harsh reality of the situation.


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