What Is Instagram Television

What Is IGTV (Instagram Television)?

Isn’t Instagram about pictures and videos already? What makes IGTV any different from Instagram posts or stories?Instagram recently launched IGTV (Instagram Television) which, like the name suggests, takes  traditional television and its properties and fits it on your smartphone (vertically!)

So going with that theory, your Instagram profile becomes a channel on the IGTV community. You can upload videos ranging from 10 minutes (for most profiles) to 1 hour (for relatively bigger accounts). That can be compared  to episodes on your channel, since IGTV aims to be more relatable to YouTube rather than Netflix.

Why Is It Fun Using ( IGTV) Instagram Television ?

Now the reason this will do well is because it’s flowing with user wants. It is predicted that by 2021, mobile video will account for 78% of total mobile data traffic, and Instagram is betting big on mobile video with the launch of IGTV.

 Instagram Television (IGTV)

Right now, IGTV caters ad-free because its focusing on audience engagement. This is the right time to go big. IGTV production can be as simple as shooting on your iPhone or as professional as shooting 4k. It has simple editing as it has a standard format of 16:4 aspect ratio which is very convenient for viewers to watch without having to rotate their phone.

All Instagram users have 3 IGTV explore tabs. The first, ‘Following’: these are the people you already follow. Second is ‘For You’, which caters to your interests and presents you with videos that are similar to the ones you ‘like’. Third is ‘Popular’, these are the videos that are trending worldwide. Reaching your audience with minimal efforts has never been easier, thanks to the tremendous reach of this medium.

IGTV also gives you analytics with intricate statists like views, likes and audience retention.

 Instagram Television (IGTV)

You can watch IGTV videos by clicking on the IGTV icon at the top of your feed in the Instagram app, or you can download the standalone IGTV app for iOS or Android. You will also be able to watch videos from the “IGTV” icon on Instagram profiles.

“It is truly interesting to watch the competition and products being rolled out to consumers by social platforms. With societies always being connected today, what IGTV may provide is a convenient platform for television consumption, which may change the way we watch TV forever.”- Forbes