There’s nobody else we love more than Kitty Forman, the adorable and jumpy character from ‘The 70’s Show’. Mother of Eric Forman, wife of Red Foreman and housing a bunch of volatile kids at home, she’s got quite the personality.

#1: Whenever stressed out, Kitty normally does her famous laugh in a shrill voice. Sometimes it gets too much for all of us.

#2: When life gives you lemons…

#3: Kitty’s undeniable love for alcoholic cocktails and margaritas

#4: When she was candid about all our dysunctional families

#5: When she sassed Red Forman with his own punch-line

#6: When she was a little too #savage

#7: MOOD.

#8: When she hyped herself up

#9: When Red is bae, but fruitcake is life

#10: TBH, we’re not surprised