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Founded in October, 2017, Rasta Mansion has quickly gained recognition as India’s first Rasta themed hostel located on a famous hippie trail village of Arambol and Mandrem, Goa. It’s located at a picturesque location which is just minutes away from the beautiful beaches of Arambol and Mandrem with surf clubs, yoga villages, live music venue and even Rasta parties at walking distance from the Rasta Mansion.

Equipped with formatted bunk beds, lockers, common area, in-house Rasta bar and cafe, flea market, Rasta themed jewelry and garment shops, hemp products and a tattoo salon, Rasta Mansion really is utopia for travellers who want to explore and learn to surf, sunbathe and enjoy with their evening barbeque sundowners and pub crawls.We interviewed Vivek Gupta, the co-owner of Rasta Mansion. This gave us an inside view on the working of the hostel, their ideologies and their future plans! Take a look:

Question: What was the idea behind the making of Rasta Mansion?

Answer: “Vajra (co-owner) decided to leave the job and I (Vivek) have always wanted to start a beach hostel in Goa. That’s when we decided to start our first hostel with Rasta as the theme. This made us the first Rasta themed hostel of India.We believe in sharing the vibe and the message through our hostel.”

Question: What made you choose its ‘Rasta’ theme?

Answer: “We love reggae music, Rastafarian ideology and the message of Jah. We believe our actions should be used to spread positivity and the message of love, peace and freedom. The Rasta theme is a perfect mix of our goals.

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Question: How did you come up with the idea to open up a hostel, since it’s not a very mainstream choice?

Answer: “I have been backpacking solo for last 10 years. I’ve stayed in dozens of hostel across the globe and I’ve always wanted to run a hostel of my own. For the last 5 years, I have been staying in the hippie village of Goa called Arambol and I realized there is no better place than Arambol to start our own hostel.”

Question: When did you start with the project?

Answer: “We started the Rasta Mansion on October 2017.”

Question: What are the best qualities of owning a hostel?

Answer: “Owning a hostel gives you an insight on human connection, helps you make beautiful friends across the globe, makes you a part of so many people’s travel stories, helps co-create memories of a lifetime with so many people that you become a meaningful chapter in their life. Owning a hostel also gives you opportunity to share and learn life skills from people.”

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Question: How many people can Rasta mansion accommodate?

Answer: “Rasta Mansion can accommodate 32 people on daily basis.”

Question: What would you say is your USP?

Answer: “Rasta Mansion is India’s first Rasta themed hostel and it’s very closely associated with Reggae community in India.”

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Question: What is one thing you want the travellers to know?

Answer: “We believe that you may walk in Rasta Mansion as a customer, but we are sure that you will walk out as a part of a big, vibrant Rasta community who will always love you, support you and celebrate life with you.”

Question: Who is your business idol?

Answer: “Amir Khan and Tom Hanks are my business idols. Of course, they are a part of the film industry, but they have a huge and widespread positive impact on society.”

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Question: Is there something you want to improve on?

Answer: “Rasta Mansion is planning to expand into an 11 room property with the option of providing separate rooms as well, not just dorm rooms.”

Question: How did you make Rasta Mansion grow on such a huge scale?

Answer: “We are associated with the Rasta and Reggae Community. We are the official Ticking and Volunteer partners at the Sunsplash Festival. We are also very active with online booking portals and online promotions via social media.”

Question: Do you have any future ventures?

Answer: “We are working on launching an Electric Bike renting company, starting with Goa as a base.”

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So that’s more from Vivek we should all be excited for! If you haven’t visited the Rasta Mansion, then you definitely should!


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