Irani Café’s

 Pune’s own little world of Irani Café’s

Pune is known for its café culture and the oldest cafés in town are the Irani ones. Migrated to Pune in the 18th and 19th century the Parsi community has given us so much more than their customs. These cafés are known for their high ceilings, bentwood chairs, bun-muska-chai and friendly old uncles.So, have you been to all of them?

Café Yezdan 

Situated in Sharbatwala Chowk, this quaint café serves the best broon maska which only a few fortunate ones have the delight of tasting as it sells out pretty quickly in the mornings.


Vohuman Café

Vohuman café near Ruby Hall Clinic is one of the pioneers of the Parsi culture. It is undoubtedly one of the most well maintained cafés despite its all-around-the-clock working folk and student hustle bustle.


Goodluck Café

Started in 1935, it is now an iconic Pune landmark, Goodluck café is perched at the corner of FC Road and is a trendsetter in terms of food and quality. It’s got a traditional interior décor with mirrors and wallpapers and glass top tables that just make the experience so authentic.


Café Alfa 

Situated in Shivajinagar, this tiny eatery sits between two shops, usually lost to the public. Although it is quite popular with the business people around. Its bun maskas are a standard and are running all day long.


 Irani Café

This fairly recent café in Vimannagar is an authentic and breezy that imitates the Parsi aesthetic the right way. It is usually filled with students from Symbiosis University and the local area and has a lot to offer ranging from the stand bun maska to cheese omlettes, chai and biscuits.